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I judge wines by their label

Brumont Rosé 2016 - $12

Brumont rose wine label, pink with black san serif type. Very "LA" looking

Wine Design: Brumont Rose 2016 - $12

Cotes de Gascogne - France



Initially I got a bread-ey yeast-ey taleggio nose (yes the cheese).  Now, I eat a lot of soft cheese, but I had none tonight (at the time of the review), and haven’t had taleggio in a couple weeks.  No cross contamination there. After it opened some more, there was a little bit of lime.


Slightly dry.  A little mouth puckering.  a little fruit.  Like if you decided to make homemade strawberry Sprite… without all the high fructose corn syrup and the carbonation. Thats what this is.  Refreshing with a little fruit and a crisp mineral finish that makes you go, “ahhhh”.


It looks like it was designed to be sold at the rooftop bar at the ACE hotel in Downtown LA. Bold, millennial pink label. San serif type heavy. At first glance I wanted to say Univers, but maybe it's DIN?
Kids, don't listen to the internet, 70's serif typefaces are NOT COOL (I'm looking at you Chobani, Medium and Krylon spraypaint commercial)...don't use them
(You know what.. do use them. It'll just make my work look better in comparison)

Overall a very solid product in both wine and design. This should be high on your list for summer everyday rose.

The Wine

  • Smell: 5/10
  • Taste: 7/10
  • Overall Quality 7/10
  • COSPA:‡ 8/10

The Design

  • Typography 8/10
  • Materials and finishing 5/10
  • overall design 7/10
  • shelf standoutability 8/10

Giant Squid Overall score: 87 Points

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