Social Media Strategy, trend forecasting, market research, menu development, Tokyo relocation & pop-up activations?
Yeah... we do that


What does that even mean exactly?

Good question. And... Honestly, sometimes we don’t even know how to answer that.

It involves anything and everything from giving “cheeky” names to pizzas on a menu, to telling a client what neighborhood to open in Tokyo and how much it will cost (would you belive me when I say 50% less than NYC?), to giving a client a list of the newest,  up and coming food trends (send us an email and we’ll send you our 2018 trend forecast).

But frequently it involves what we’re best at... Telling you what you’re doing wrong with your business (or logo, or social media strategy).

Our services include...


(Specialization on NYC and specialisation on Australia)

  • Market research
  • food and drink trend reports
    and forecasting
  • drink naming
  • color, design & style trend reports
  • location scouting
  • social media & marketing strategy
  • doughnut naming
  • Tokyo market Business expansion
  • Social Media Marketing (SNS)
  • "secret" Tokyo bar & izakaya TOURS

So, what makes Giant Squid different??

What makes us effective is, we tell you what you’re doing wrong and we won’t sugar coat it… it’s the New Yorker in us.
(Oh boy... We will not sugar coat it... Just ask our clients)

What makes us different is, we are consumers.  Yes, we can talk about the differences between the “single villages” that produce mezcal (chichicapa is our favorite) and we can argue the specs of the perfect manhattan (.75 Carpano antica with old overholt rye or van winkle family reserve, if it’s available) but at the end of the day, we are consumers. We can tell you what the average person wants and expects from your bar or restaurant.

So often in hospitality, whether it’s bartenders, chefs or designers, operators place themselves in a bubble, either surrounded by yes men or other occupational professionals that they lose sight of the people actually paying their bills, the customer. (That’s where we come in)

And what makes you such an expert?

Well...  We did bring fancy donuts to Australia.
("doughnuts" for our Aussie visitors)

Yes, really! We came up with the idea for the company, the name, the tag line, the color scheme, the store design, the neon signage, the box and even some of the flavors (pretty much everything but cooking the donuts). Before Doughnut Time, Australia's only concept of donuts was Krispy Kreme.

2 1/2 Years later, they did over $25 million in sales and over 200,000 social media followers. Now with 6 stores in London.

(I’d say we know a thing or two about spotting an opportunity, creating a trend and making it go viral)

I’m glad we had this talk!

Ineffective branding, a weak voice and a tired concept are serious issues and should be dealt with by a professional.  If you or someone you know are exhibiting these symptoms, please, call us immediately.

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