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The 7 Secrets “Big Tomato” Doesn't Want You To Know About

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Is there such a thing as "Big Tomato"? Probably. If there is it's probably run by Mamma Leone and Chef Boyardee... Pushing an agenda of high fructose corn syrup sweet sauces. Are these the secrets Big Tomato doesnt want you to know about... so might say they are.

  1. For Italian sauces, you always want to use red tomatoes.
  2. They need to be medium to large sized, preferably Roma (the long plump ones). Roma's are less sweet and more acidic, something that gives your sauce complexity and balance.
  3. Don't use cherry or grape tomatoes for sauces.  They're too sweet (not enough acid) and too much skin to pulp ratio.  Use cherry tomatoes for salads, pasta salads and bright, quick cooked pasta dishes like this summer asparagus & cherry tomato pasta in garlic and oil with fresh basil and mint
  4. Pick the tomatoes that are bright red, firm, but with a little "give" to them.
  5. If they need to ripen more, put them in a brown paper bag.
  6. Don't EVER refrigerate tomatoes. They become mealy
  7. ALWAYS salt your tomatoes. Whether chopping to add to a sauce or slicing to add to a sandwich, add a couple of kernels of sea salt to your tomatoes and let them sit for a few minutes.  The salt draws out the water and flavor from inside the tomato making it infinitely better than unsalted tomatoes.  (Go ahead...try it... I'll wait).  Now... some people will say not to do this because it makes them "too watery". Seriously??  What, you don't like juicy, slightly salty tomatoes?  Go fuck yourself...

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