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Mister Fitz's Finest Ice Cream

Getting an Insta-famous dog to be the face of your viral ice cream brand

After the success of Doughnut Time, Damian Griffiths called on Giant Squid Creative, and Kenny Colvin to consult on, come up with a brand strategy , create packaging, custom neon, design uniforms and design the interiors for a vintage styled ice cream shop.

Kenny had been following the antics of Menswear Dog, the NYC-based Shiba Inu that models mens clothing and he contacted them to be the face of the brand.

Again, taking inspiration from classic stores and ice cream shops of his youth, Kenny came up with an authentically vintage, colorful, neon clad ice cream shop. Mister Fitz was one of the first brands to use a primarily pink branding, a global trend that would soon after be seen everywhere.

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